At LNP Attorneys Inc, corporate social responsibility is integral to our values as a firm. We are committed to strengthening our corporate social responsibility in support of a vision to help grow, sustain, develop and empower communities at grass root levels.

Bertrams Inner City Farm

LNP Attorneys Inc. goes green with Bertrams Inner City Farm – a Bambanani Food and Herb Cooperative Project.

Bertrams Inner City Farm, east of Johannesburg, is a Bambanani Food and Herb Cooperative Project. They are a certified organic inner-city farm, which sells its produce to a local supermarket, nearby restaurants, other organic markets, the local passers-by and donates the surplus produce to local charities and soup kitchens.

Bertrams Inner City Farm has a community focus which goes beyond feeding initiatives but assists with empowering and educating the community and its participants on sustainable farming methods in order to create a sustainable community with a diverse ecosystem. The project is an important cooperative initiative seeking to enhance collaboration between corporate South Africa and local communities.

LNP Attorneys commenced its partnership with Bertrams Inner City Farm, and engaged in garden and planting activities with the local community of Bertrams. It was a change of pace, but we rolled up our sleeves for some backbreaking work and will keep you posted on its growth. For more information as to how you can get involved with the next initiative, kindly contact [email protected]


Footprints Hospice

LNP visited Footprints Hospice, a non- profit organisation founded in August 2004 by the Soweto Retired Professionals Society (SRPS).

The organization is located in Orlando East, Soweto and provides shelter, food, medical care and social support for elderly patients, as well as those who are facing illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, TB and cancer.

Footprints Hospice also supports, educates and provides health care training to the patients, their families and care-givers in the local community, greater Johannesburg and Soweto areas. We spent a day at the organization and assisted the staff with preparation of tea and lunch time meals, feeding patients and cleaning up. We also donated some much-needed supplies on the organisation’s high priority wish list including adult nappies, waterproof mattress protectors, gloves and some reading materials.

If you would like to join us on our next Footprints Hospice charity day or would like to find out about other ways which you can assist the hospice, please contact [email protected]


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