At LNP Attorneys Inc, we are well versed in South Africa’s various dispute resolution mechanisms. Specifically, when considering South Africa’s employment law framework, it is arguably more complex than many other countries, given our political heritage and the emphasis on protecting core employee rights, addressing employment equity, and advancing equitable representation in the workplace. In this environment, regulatory compliance and effective management of employment issues are of cardinal importance for business operations.


The regulatory and employment practitioners’ experience in the areas of civil, criminal and employment law litigation spans the spectrum of private and statutory forums and mechanisms, including, but not limited to, the civil, criminal and labour courts, bargaining councils and the Council for Conciliation, Mediation and arbitration.


Our employment law and litigation skills support our clients in the infrastructure, natural resources and energy sectors.


We have the infrastructure, capacity and expertise to advise, assist and represent our individual and corporate clients, big and small, in all forms of employment law disputes, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.


At LNP Attorneys Inc. we are able to offer, amongst other services, cradle-to-grave litigation and regulatory services, including but not limited to, the following:


  • All civil matters that require litigation in the High Court, Regional Court or Magistrate’s Court
  • Labour related criminal law cases in the Regional and Magistrate’s Courts
  • Union representation
  • Arbitrations and mediations
  • Disciplinary hearings and administrative law related matters
  • Representation of employers or employees in any litigation, ensuing from a Section 197 Labour Relations Act business transfer as a going concern
  • Collective and individual employment litigation
  • Collective bargaining
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Employment equity (Affirmative action)
  • Employee benefits and compensation
  • Employee privacy
  • Employment contracts
  • Independent contractors
  • Policy, procedure and handbook development
  • Regulatory advice
  • Restraint of trade
  • Restructuring, reorganisation and retrenchment
  • Strikes; and
  • Unfair labour practice litigation


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