Free legal advice – Covid-19

LNP Attorneys is offering to assist companies and individuals in understanding and managing Covid-19 by creating a legal ‘hotline’. 

“In the spirit of Ubuntu, which is one of our core values, we would like to do what we can to assist our community during this unprecedented pandemic”, states Nikita Lalla, CEO of LNP Attorneys.

The company has created an email ‘hotline’ to advise companies and members of the community on any legal queries they may have regarding the impact of the virus on themselves and their businesses.

LNP Attorneys are providing legal assistance related to contractual obligations, rights, what to do with employees on sites outside of South Africa as well as the impact of force majeure on businesses. 

People are invited to email [email protected] with their queries and one of LNP Attorney’s team of legal experts who are all working remotely, will respond.