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Our team has extensive experience with adjudication, offering fast resolution of a dispute pending a referral to arbitration. Adjudication allows the claimant to maintain cash-positive situation and acts as a filter for the parties to determine if the prolonged processes of arbitration or litigation should ensue. LNP’s expertise lies in ensuring that adjudication doesn’t turn into “a mini arbitration”, ensuring you get a decision in the most cost and time effective manner possible.


LNP will ensure that your arbitration process is ventilated appropriately in keeping with the international standards and is not simply litigation in a private forum. Our expertise enables us to guide you to the best possible outcome, at a fixed cost, giving you the peace of mind that your arbitration won’t result in unexpected legal fees.

Business Rescue

Business rescue is an unfortunate reality, but the process can be eased by hiring the right legal support. Our sector expertise allows us to make the best commercial and strategic decisions on your business rescue proceedings to ensure the best outcome for you, whether you are a contractor, employer or supplier.


LNP offers a proactive and holistic strategy to ensure your company adheres to necessary environmental regulations for your company or regarding your energy, natural resources or infrastructure projects. We can assist you on all regulatory and compliance aspects arising from the applicable national and international legal standards.


We assist clients on a variety of employment matters. Our services include labour relations, collective bargaining, retrenchments and employment restructuring, worker’s compensation, employment equity and business or skilled personnel immigration. The skilled team at LNP will ensure that your employment-related legal matters are handled with care and sensitivity.


Projects are unfortunately often subject to irregularities. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is equipped to investigate, produce findings and deal with resultant litigation emanating from such findings. Our team is also well equipped to provide guidance, draft policies and training to ensure that your team is aware of the standards across the different African jurisdictions.

Health & Safety

We assist clients across all sectors requiring health and safety advice, providing holistic solutions stemming from the inception of business operations, including assistance with risk management profiles and providing regulatory letters of appointment to representation of clients in both civil and criminal proceedings.


Disputes arising from insolvency can be a challenge; our team is available to ease the process and ensure the best possible commercial and strategic outcome. whether you are a contractor, employer or supplier.


Court proceedings are often painful, lengthy and incur costs you couldn’t have foreseen. Our valuable sector expertise allows us to undertake litigation in a most productive manner, achieving the best results for our clients at a fixed fee. Our support during this process allows you to return to productivity as soon as possible.


LNP conveyancers and notaries offer an efficient, speedy and professional service. We quickly and seamlessly guide our clients through any aspect of property law. We are committed to rendering excellent cradle to conclusion solutions for conveyancing and notarial related transactions with a single point of contact throughout the lifecycle of a transaction.

Notarial Bonds

Our notarial services include the execution of prospecting/mining rights, mining/retention permits and exploration/production rights; deeds of servitude and notarial servitudes, and of cession of usufruct; notarial leases; trust deed of donation; and long- and short-term lease agreements. We can also assist in authenticating any documents that will be used outside South Africa; as well as notarial deeds of renewal/amendment/variation.


We understand the intricacies of cross-border projects which require sector expertise to navigate the pitfalls of tax regulations. Our on the ground expertise allows us to ensure your projects are compliant, profitable and successful.

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