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Corporate Commercial

Conducting well-executed commercial contracts and transactions can be daunting and time-consuming. Our experienced team is on hand to assist you on legal matters arising from your project, from contracts to due diligence, in alignment with your business objectives.


Our team of specialist legal practitioners hold a wealth of experience in advising clients on all matters related to engineering, construction and procurement through the whole project cycle. Our services include drafting, negotiating and administering standard form agreements (such as FIDIC, NEC, JBCC, GCC and PROCSA), supply agreements, bespoke contracts and professional consultancy agreements.


LNP offers a proactive and holistic strategy to ensure your company adheres to necessary environmental regulations for your company or your energy, natural resources or infrastructure projects. We can assist you on all regulatory and compliance aspects arising from the applicable national and international legal standards.


Whether your project is financed wholly or partially by investors or external funders, through equity or debt, our team is on hand to help you navigate the market and commercial standards arising from the various types of financing.

Health & Safety

We assist clients across all sectors requiring health and safety advice, providing holistic solutions stemming from the inception of business operations, including assistance with risk management profiles and providing regulatory letters of appointment to representation of clients in both civil and criminal proceedings.


Any project, big or small, requires a solid procurement process to ensure project success. LNP can assist you in navigating the various statutes and regulations to ensure your corporate governance rules are complied with. Our team of sector experts are well placed to ensure your compliance, provide valuable advice, and ensure that no procurement process irregularities arise down the line.


We understand the intricacies of cross-border projects which require sector expertise to navigate the pitfalls of tax regulations. Our on the ground expertise allows us to ensure your projects are compliant, profitable and successful.


Today, technology plays a critical role in most sectors. LNP Attorneys is accomplished in the development of policy and risk mitigation through technology agreements. We provide expert advice on the best way to structure, negotiate and manage technology agreements, on both a large and small scale.

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